We are a savvy team of creatives ready
to help your brand reach new heights


WE ARE THE  NEW :// 360 Branding, Done in Waves.

A modern consultancy combining creative and brand management. We are a full package creative agency specializing in 360-brand development in the Fashion, Lifestyle, Wellness and Entertainment spaces. From logo and web design, concept to creation, storytelling and narrative development to strategy and brand perception we help companies across the globe take their exposure to new heights.


Why not The NEW?

In our experience there is either epic storytelling with mediocre product, or epic product with mediocre storytelling- let We Are The New help you to integrate both for more impactful brand awareness and better overall company performance. In addition to our vast experience, our signature 3i approach and ability to think outside the box, we create highly creative customized solutions. We help uplift, enhance and develop how you want your brand to be perceived by others.


Here at We Are The New, we aim to raise our own bar. As such, we are a vertical enterprise capable of conceptualizing all aspects of branding from ideation to creation. Additionally, we help shape effective and relevant product assortments and sales strategies. We Are The New is a conscious company and collective of ethically driven creative’s committed to producing incredible work, not about getting ahead. Our foundation is built on serving others over our selves, about empowering over competing and about sharing our gifts with each other and the world.


We are bold, unapologetic and never ordinary. We are always researching and scouting the marketplace seeing what’s happening, missing and new. As forward thinkers, we maintain our edge by keeping current. Our various individual perspectives help us to shape then execute effective and relevant product assortments and creative brand strategies. All of which result in an emboldened brand perception and richer brand equity.

  • Logo + Product Packaging
  • Ecomm + Web Design, Build + Mgmt
  • Look Books + Marketing Collateral
  • Brand Development + Mgmt
  • Brand Identity + Strategy
  • Brand Voice + Copywriting
  • Content Creation + Storytelling
  • Production Services
  • Photography
  • Mini + Macro Campaigns
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Strategy +
  • Narrative Development
  • Merchandising
  • Seasonal Product Design
  • Product Assortment 
  • Creative Direction + Trend forecasting